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Report from PRO 7, 26.11.2019, 10.50 p.m.

„10 Fakten – Gefährliche Orte“ (Season 3, Episode 4)“

In the serie “10 Fakten” on 26.11. 2019 on Pro7 also the Omo Valley was mentioned as one of the most dangerous places in this world, at least for children – because the Mingi superstition is lived here. The report was quite forceful, only unfortunately at the end it was claimed that Lale Labuko had achieved the abolition of Mingi – and unfortunately, as we know only too well, this is not true. Lale did end infanticide in his own tribe, the Kara – which is a big deal, of course! But two other tribes, the Hamar and Bena, still practice this horrible superstition – and we are talking about tribes of about 40,000 people; which means there are still 200 – 300 children at risk from Mingi. Our attempts to contact the Pro7 editorial office and to ask for a correction or to get the release of the contribution for our homepage, unfortunately remained unsuccessful; one did not answer us. Therefore, we can only publish two stills from the program here.

Report in the November/December 2019 issue "Circular" from Round Table Austria


The lecture of Reiner Meutsch on November 13, 2019 in the OÖN Forum in Linz was of course also reported in the following Saturday OÖN!

And not only that: A small article about OMO Child and our cooperation with Help & Fly was also published.
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25. Mai 2018

Interview with Lale Labuko, founder of the organization “OMO Child Ethiopia” and Barbara Ebner from OMO Child Ethiopia, Austria

20. April - 22.April 2018

A selection of interesting newspaper reports about our association:

April 9, 2018

ORF Report "OÖ HEUTE" from April 9, 2018


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