News about the Mingi children in Omo Valley will be published here at regular intervals so that you can follow our progress.

Since we launched our idea at the end of January 2018, many people have opened their hearts and their wallets by either donating money or becoming sponsors (see „Support“). However, not everybody wants to be mentioned by name, which is why the list of donors and sponsors on our website is not complete. Some of the ideas on how to support us are so beautiful that we want you to know about them and we are pleased that we have obtained permission to publish them here.

Check handover of the generous donation from Round Table Austria

The initiatives to raise money to support the children and for the latest project of OMO Child – the construction of a school on the grounds of the home – continue. At the end of September 2019, Julius Schneitler, National Past-President of Round Table Austria, presented a generous donation of 5,000 euros, which was financed by the sale of the GAIA Photo Calendar 2019 (lead photographer Martin Engelmann from Innsbruck). Round Table Austria promotes and sells this calendar every year, and the proceeds go to charitable organizations (

Our heartfelt thanks for that!

A big thank you to Ms. Suyang Kim.

Ms. Kim was a pianist at EBNER Industrieofenbau’s anniversary celebration „70 years of EBNER in Motion“. Surprisingly, Ms. Kim donated her entire fee for this performance to OMO Child Austria. Many thanks

News about the construction progress

There is good news and a current picture of the construction progress of the housing project and the school. Everything is on schedule, we are happy that things are progressing so swiftly. A big thank you to everyone involved.

Project with students from the Fadinger school in Linz

The talk given in April by Lale Labuko and Robert Ebner about the Mingi children at the Fadinger school to students in grade 7 and 8 left a deep impression with many of the students. Three of them – Lukas Reiter, Laurenz Urban and Maximilian Märkl – want to help actively. After they have finished school in 2019, the three young men want to spend several weeks or months in Omo Valley to work as support teachers for the Mingi children. During a meeting with the School Head Teacher, Sylvia Bäck, the three students and Robert Ebner discussed the merits of this idea and, so that Luki, Laurenz and Maxi can see for themselves how their plan could be implemented, the three will travel to Ethiopia in October to spend a week with Lale, his team and the children. The students will finance the trip themselves, while OMO Child together with Robert Ebner will help with the preparations, arrange the necessary vaccinations and make sure they get the best deal on flights, etc. If you would like to support the three students, then please click here
We are looking forward to posting their reports with photos and videos about their trip and Christmas traditions in Ethiopia at the beginning of 2019!

Our thanks go to the Head Teacher Sylvia Bäck and the three students‘ parents who have expressed their trust in our project by supporting their children’s enthusiasm. We will not disappoint them.

School construction project in Omo Valley

As part of the housing project for the children, a school is also to be built. This school will be available not only to the Mingi children but to all the children from the Omo Valley. This is important as Lale Labuko is convinced that only education can eliminate the awful curse. Well-trained teachers will instruct the children so that together with the care provided by Lale and his team, they will bring up open-minded, well-educated young people who are in a position to determine their own future and the future of their country.

Fund raising with sports events

One of our sponsors, Macquarie Investment, had the idea of entering a team from their Vienna and London offices in the Spartan Race in Wiener Neustadt as a Team for OMO Child, who then fought their way through the mud! Here are some photos taken at that event:
And now even more donations are coming in from Macquarie offices worldwide.
Many thanks indeed!

More ideas under development

Many other projects are in the pipeline, e.g. another school project with a high school in Vienna, cooperation with various service clubs, etc.
We will keep you posted!

If you have a suggestion about how you can support us, please get in touch using the contact form or send an email to us at